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In September 2018 I released my debut album, 'Constellations: Minimal Music for Recorders', on the label Samsong productions.

 This album was born from a simple idea – to play the music I love to listen to, on the instruments I love to play. The main inspiration has been the process of arranging Steve Reich's minimalist masterpiece Vermont Counterpoint for the recorder, a project that has spanned a good few years and that I am proud to present here.

On the CD, we hear minimalism apparent in medieval canons, in Renaissance ornamentation, in fantastically diverse contemporary works, and in (not so) traditional folk music. Including composers such as Willem Jeths, Giorgio teddy, and Johannes Ciconia.

The title 'Constellations' refers to these discrete clusters of sound worlds each light years apart yet sharing similarities across the distance. Gradually shape-shifting in our perception, the more we pay attention. Tangible pinpoints of light that beckon the eyes, and ears, to follow.

On this CD I am joined by:
Kim-José Bode, recorders and vocals
Dodó Kis, recorders and vocals
Müsfik Can Müftüoglu, electronics

Released by Samsong Productions, SAMCD044

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