15 march 2020
Wellington, New Zealand
Tutoring the ‘Big Blow’ recorder playing day

21 march 2020
Sydney, Australia
Tutoring a playing day
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

22-23 march 2020
Sydney, Australia
Private lessons available for sign-up
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

29 april 2020
LTK4, Köln, Germany
trio aXolot in Soiree Sonique
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

30 april 2020
Splendor, Amsterdam
trio aXolot in aXolot: VERSUS
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

17 may 2020
Oosterkerk, Amsterdam
Koerikoeloem by Miranda Driessen
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

12-21 june 2020
Oerol Festival, Terschelling
18 performances of Koerikoeloem by Miranda Driessen
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

27 june 2020
De Balie, Amsterdam
While We Live by Andrea Voets

28 june 2020
De Balie, Amsterdam
While We Live by Andrea Voets

9 july 2020
Amherst Early Music Online Series
Lecture: Getting to grips with ‘Music for a Bird’

11 july 2020
Paetzold by Kunath online series
Lecture: ‘Introduction to contemporary music for recorders’

12-19 july 2020
Tutoring the Virtuoso Recorder Seminar
POSTPONED TO 2021 due to Covid-19

29 july 2020
LTK4, Köln, Germany
Concert with Block4 in Centre Court Festival

1-8 august 2020
UK Recorder Summer School
Tutoring on the 72nd edition of the UKRSS
POSTPONED TO 2021 due to Covid-19

20-21 september 2020
Mollenhauer Centre, Fulda, Germany
Two-day recorder seminar

25 september 2020
Oosterkerk, Amsterdam
For the Future with Squaretet

17-18 october 2020
Scuola di Musica Bottino, Acqui Terme, Italy 
Recorder masterclasses
POSTPONED due to Covid-19 (new date tba)

31 october 2020
Oxford, UK
Concert with Block4

17 november 2020
Thomaskerk, Amsterdam
For the Future with Squaretet

past performances

selected highlights

Solo concert and masterclasses at the Nordhorn International Recorder Festival, Germany. Tutoring a range of recorder workshops in New Zealand and the UK.

Solo concert and masterclasses in São Paulo, Brazil. Telemann concerto for recorder and flute with musicians from the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam. Visiting tutor at the London International festival of Early Music. Premiere of ensemble SQUARETET, performing works written for the Kronos Quartet. Uit logeren (2+) at Grachtenfestival. Tour of Finland and the Netherlands with The Royal Wind Music. Solo concert at Klassifest, Paradiso. Collab with Boris Acket and Maarten Vos at What About Now festival. Concert tours with Koerikoeloem by Miranda Driessen and Close Call by Arthur Wagenaar. Tutoring on courses in NL, UK, Germany.

Release of debut album Constellations. Musical director on the movie Recorder Rewrite by Song-Ming Ang in Singapore. Guest star on BBC show YolanDa’s Band Jam. Concert tour of the Netherlands and Germany with The Royal Wind Music. Concert tours with Koerikoeloem by Miranda Driessen and Close Call by Arthur Wagenaar. Masterclasses at the Mollenhauer Centre in Fulda, Germany and Blokfluitdagen Mechelen, BE.
Also a few months of maternity leave.

Collaboration with trio aXolot, stargaze orchestra and Aart Strootman at Gaudeamus Festival. Requiem by Willem Jeths at Cello Festival Zutphen. Performances of Uit logeren in De Doelen, TivoliVredenburg, Odeon Theater Zwolle. Premiere of Koerikoeloem by Miranda Driessen and Close Call by Arthur Wagenaar. Collaboration Elements with Jerboah and Nieuw Ensemble.  Concert tours with The Royal Wind Music. Masterclasses at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.
Winner of the first prize and contemporary music prize at the Nordhorn International Recorder Competition. 

Tour with 33 shows of music-theatre piece Hoe de grote mensen weggingen with trio aXolot, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Theater Artemis. Concerts in Croatia, Germany, UK and NL with The Royal Wind Music. Documentary Talent Boven Water is made about Jerboah. Jerboah wins the music pitch at the Grachtenfestival. Performances of works by Darragh Kearns-Hayes with the Nieuw Ensemble. Various concerts with trio aXolot.

Team Recorder is launched! Presenting 21st Century Clogs at Utrecht Oude Muziek Festival. Premiere of Uit logeren (2+) at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ by Theater Fluup! Premieres of works by composers Konstantin Koukias, Cinzia Nistico, Igor Iofe, Felipe Ignacio Noriega. Trio aXolot come first in the ORDA Professional Ensemble Competiton and win the contemporary music prize. Various concerts of NL and Germany with trio aXolot and duo nasa. 

21st Century Clogs at the NEU/NOW Festival, Glasgow. Concerto for recorder and shakuhachi by Igor Iofe and Nieuw Ensemble. Music-theatre work The Call in Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Premiere and NL/Germany tour of Im Quadrat by Trio aXolot and Cammy Mai Tran. Production De Klankstoomboot with Altas Ensemble and Felipe Ignacio Noriega. Concerts at Oerol Festival with Leeuwenhart. Various concerts with trio aXolot, Project 128 and duo nasa.

Graduated Master of Music, cum laude from Conservatorium van Amsterdam.  21st Century Clogs tour of the UK including Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Recording works by James Tenney with Trio Scordatura. Concert tours with trio aXolot and performances on Radio 4 and Virus radio/TV. Concerts in Stockholm, Sweden with ake.taki. Premiere of Project 128. Concerts with duo nasa and Rapid Lemon. Residency at STEIM Amsterdam. 

Music-theatre tour of We Are Golden with Veenfabriek and T.I.M.E. Solo performance of WRKSHP at Sonorities Festival, Belfast. Member of the Ligeti Academy with Asko|Schönberg. Forms 2 by James Tenney at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Solo performances at the Berio Festival, Den Haag. Concerts with Trio aXolot, Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, and duo nasa. 

Solo performance of WRKSHP at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK. Premiere concert at Gaudeamus Muziekweek with Amsterdam Collage Ensemble. Noye’s Fludd by Benjamin Britten at KlankKleur Festival. Concerts with duo nasa around NL. Concert in Lausanne, Switzerland with PRIME Ensemble directed by Antonio Politano. Member of the Ligeti Academy with Asko|Schönberg.

Graduated Bachelor of Music from Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Tour of 44 performances of Woestijnwind with Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck. Versailles in Duitsland with Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra. Creation of music-theatre works with composer Anthony Leigh Dunstan. Concerts with ake.taki.

2009 and earlier
Operas: Dido and Aenaes by Purcell, The Fairy Queen by Purcell, Die Zauberflöte by Mozart, Psyche by Matthew Locke, MEDEA by Tania Sikelanou.
Tutor at FolkWorld summer school from 2008-2014. 
Concert tours with Joe Broughton’s Folk Ensemble. Concert tours with The Old Dance School and recording debut album Based on a True Story. Winner of various scholarships.
Graduated with Bachelor of Music (Hons) first class from Birmingham Conservatoire in 2007. Moved to Amsterdam in 2007.