Booking and business enquiries:  email me

For advice on which recorder to buy please check my FAQ below.

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Are you available to give concerts/masterclasses/workshops?
Yes! Send me an email and I’d be happy to hear about it.

Do you offer recorder lessons via Skype/Zoom?
Unfortunately my schedule is too full at the moment to offer private lessons. I do run online courses, check them out!

Can you answer my questions about music?
I get a huge amount of music questions in my inbox, and unfortunately cannot answer them all. If you would like in-depth, detailed feedback or advice, please consider becoming a Team Recorder Patreon member. You get to support the channel and I can really make time for you - visit the link for details.

Can you give me advice on which recorder/book to buy?
I would LOVE to personally answer every single of one these mails, but there are so many I'm afraid I can't. It's also impossible to compare instruments without playing them.
So, I have made many videos on this topic to help you: click here
If that doesn’t help, ask this question in one of the recorder facebook groups.

Who makes/records/edits/produces your youtube videos?
I do! Team Recorder is entirely a solo operation.

What languages can you team/perform in?
English and Dutch.

Can I send something via post?
Yes! My business post (letters only) goes to: Sarah Jeffery, Keurenplein 41, Box C350,
1069CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For parcels, please contact me first.