Team Recorder Online Course

‘Level Up Your Playing!’
A 5-session online course for musicians - May edition sold out!

Do you want to reach the next level in your playing?
Maybe you feel lost in a giant sea of music. Maybe you just can’t master that really tricky piece. Maybe you freeze up when you have to play for other people. Maybe you can play the notes, but you want to actually make music.

Whether you have been playing for a few months or are ready to go pro, this course will help you to tackle your problems, identify your strengths, and level up through a combination of live stream sessions, homework and practice challenges, and personalized feedback!

This is not your traditional music lesson - upon completion of this course, you will have the tools and the confidence to look at your own playing, know what you want, and how to get there.

How do I enrol?

More information for enrolling in the next Level Up Your Playing course will be updated in due course!

Enrolment will be available via my webshop here.
The last course sold out in just 36 hours, so don’t wait! 

Five live stream sessions:

Week 1: Your Planning, Your Goals

Motivation, structure, planning… cheesy buzzwords, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t know what you want! I help you to figure out how you practice, what you’ll practice, and why you’ll practice. Do this groundwork, and the rest will fall into place.

Week 2: Tackling Technique

We all know the feeling – the tricky bar, or whole piece,  you just can’t get your fingers around. Your tongue is too slow, or you run out of air… Argh! I will show you a whole toolbox of ways to solidly level up your playing technique. It’s like recorder gym. But fun!

Week 3: Focus, Focus, Focus!

You’ve gotten this far, but how to sustain a healthy practice habit? I’ll show you how to keep your focus when practising, and when performing. Stage fright, nerves, and sweaty palms can be banished to the past, whether you’re performing for a full concert hall, or just your cat.

Week 4: Making Music: Expression and Musicality

Brilliant, you can play nine hundred notes per minute and you leave Vivaldi quaking in his boots (does Vivaldi wear boots?) But making music isn’t only about technique. This is truly the next level – how to bring in expression, emotion and understanding of the music you are playing.

Week 5: Q&A!

The course will round off with a Q&A session, where you can ask anything and everything about the recorder and music.  

Homework and feedback

  • Weekly homework downloads and practice challenges
  • Tailor these to your current level, your music
  • Access to a closed Facebook group, where we create our own supportive community. The aim is to encourage, give constructive feedback to and learn from each other.
  • I will be in the Facebook group, giving regular feedback!


How are the lessons delivered?
The lessons last around an hour each, and are delivered via live stream in a secret Facebook group. A video of the lesson will be emailed out to you the next day, so you can review it again and again. During the lesson the chat window will be open so we can chat to each other.

What if I’m not available then/have to miss a week?
You’ll have lifetime access to the video lessons, so you can watch them when you want! Take a week off, start later, run the course again… it’s up to you.

Can you spell out when it’s all happening...
The next course begins on May 9, with further sessions on May 16, 23, and 30.
If you’re asleep when the lesson is on, you will recive the link to watch the video when you wake up ;)

Which recorder is it for?
Any! Whether you play all sizes, or are just an afficianado of the sub-contrabass. Rather than playing pieces, the course will focus on practice techniques and act as a coaching session, rather than a traditional instrumental lesson.

Do I really have to post videos of myself playing? Help!
It’s not mandatory. The option is there if you choose to. It’ll be a closed, supportive environment where the aim is to build each other up. I’ll be there giving my feedback too!

Do I need Facebook to complete the course?
Not necessarily – all lessons and homework will be emailed out, so you can complete the course that way. You will miss out on the community aspect and option to post videos for feedback.

What level is this course for?
For anyone except complete beginners! It’s for musicians who want to take their playing to the next level, whether that means learning one new song, or launching their professional career.

I just got my recorder and I’m a complete beginner. Is this for me?
Probably not! I’m planning on a beginner course (stay tuned) but I would recommend playing for at least a little while before tackling this one. Lessons 1 and 3 would probably be useful for you, but 2 and 4 may not be so relevant.

I play guitar/piano/valve trombone/nose flute, not recorder. Is it still useful?
Yes! This course can be applied to any musical instrument (you may get sick of the recorder in-jokes though)

Will there be sheet music involved?
No. You all play at such different levels, and some using sheet music and others learning by ear… I don’t want to exclude anyone. This course will enable you to tailor the advice given to your own pieces and standard.

I missed the deadline for enrolment. Can I still join later?
No! Enrollment closes on May 9, the day of the launch. 

When are you running the course again after this?
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I just want to highlight the incredible Sarah Akwisombe at No Bull Business School for her invaluable coaching at getting all this together!

Terms and Conditions

Upon enrolment the course is non-refundable. If I or my immediate family come down with Covid-19, I reserve the right to postpone lessons for as long as necessary (we are self-isolating so hopefully this won’t happen). For Team Recorder’s GDPR Data Privacy Notice click here.