Team Recorder Online Course:

Recorder Foundations: 
master the basics and get a good start!

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Cost: €99.

Welcome, new recorder players!

Recorder Foundations aims to give you the best possible start in recorder playing:
a good basis for technique, useful resources, homework to get you motivated, and a supportive community of like-minded musicians!

For beginners+ : from the total newbies to those who have been playing a while, but want to brush up on the basics. 

You decide what you want to learn: your style of music, your size of recorder, at your own pace. My sessions will make sure you get the absolute most out of what you want to play!

This is no traditional music lesson: this course can be used alongside your chosen method of learning (from a book, youtube, by ear, a teacher, however you choose) to make sure the FOUNDATION of your recorder playing is solid! 

The course is given via Facebook, but all content and materials will also be sent to you via email.

Choose your time slot:

You can choose to enrol into one of two groups: 10am or 8pm (both Amsterdam time).
This makes the live sessions available to more time zones. 

Is the time slot you wanted sold out? Don’t worry, you can still enrol - you have lifetime access to the live streams (as well as all course material) so you can tune in to watch it back anytime!

How do I enrol?

Enrolment will open two weeks before the course starts.

The cost of the course is €99.
Payments via Paypal, major credit cards, Apple Pay, and iDeal are accepted,

Can’t afford the fee? I keep a small number of ‘pay what you can’ places open, so drop me an email if you would like one.

The courses sell out fast, so don’t wait to book! Make sure you read the information in full beforehand, so you can decide in advance if the course is right for you. Not sure? Ask me!

Drop your email address here to be sent a reminder:

Five live stream sessions:

Each lesson will last roughly 75 minutes. They consist of three parts: recorder technique, practical skills, and time for all of your questions.

Week 1: A good start | 

It’s never a bad idea to review the basics. A healthy posture and hand position is essential - especially the thumb. We’ll talk about setting up your practice space, your ideal mini practice plan and making sure your recorder stays in good condition!

Week 2: All about the breath | 

Breathing is the life and soul of the recorder. I’ll take you through a wealth of handy esercises for strong, supported breath work, as well as an introduction to vibrato, dynamics, and tuning. Phew! On the practial side, we’ll look at a concise warm up routine - for you, and for playing in your recorder.

Week 3: Fingerwork | 

Let’s get our fingers moving! Paying close attention to your fingers now will save technical hassle down the line, inclusing half holes, tricky combinations, and squeaky notes. You’ll be speeding up before you know it - but let’s talk about tempo too! I’ll also give you loads of resources for finding new music to play.

Week 4: Articulation station | 

The tongue: with articulation, you can really make your recorder speak. We’ll make your playing sound clean, and discuss ideas of interpretation and phrasing. And what’s next? I’ll give you some starting points for choosing new instruments and finding people to play with.

Week 5: Q&A! 

The course will conclude here with a Q&A session, where you can ask anything and everything about the recorder and music.  

Homework and feedback

  • Weekly homework downloads and practice challenges
  • Tailor these to your current level, your music
  • Resource downloads and helpful playlists
  • Access to a closed Facebook group, where we create our own supportive community. The aim is to encourage, give constructive feedback to and learn from each other.
  • Post your progress videos for weekly feedback from me
  • I will be active in the Facebook group too!


What level is this course for?
Beginners plus! This means: from people picking up a recorder for the first time, to those who have been playing a while but want to brush up on the basics. I won’t be setting specific pieces for your to practice, but making sure you have all the foundations of recorder playing sorted, to give you the best start possible.
Not sure if it’s for you? Ask me!

I’ve been playing a while, and I’m looking for something to push me to the next level. Is this for me?
Nope, you’d be better off with our Level Up Your Playing course, aimed at intermediate players :)

How are the sessions delivered?
The sessions last around 75 minutes each, and are delivered via live stream within a secret Facebook group. A video of the lesson will be emailed out to you the next day, so you can review it again and again. During the lesson the chat window will be open so you can ask questions.

What if I’m not available then/miss a week?
You’ll have lifetime access to the video lessons, so you can watch them when you want! Take a week off, start later, run the course again… it’s up to you.

I can’t afford the course fee.
Don’t worry - I keep 10% of places as ‘pay what you can’ places, whether you need to spread out your payment over time, or pay zero. I don’t need justification or proof. When the course launches on January 9, send me an email to request a ‘pay what you can’ place. Places are awarded in order of application. 

Can I switch time slot halfway through the course?
No. I am keeping a limit on group size in order to give everyone full attention, and the aim is that you get to know one another and form a community througout the course. So we won’t be swapping groups about. If you can’t make it to a session, you will be able to watch the video back at any time!

What about accessiblity?
Although the lessons are given live, you have continued access to all course materials, so you can take the course at your own pace. Live streams are given by video - unfortunately Facebook does not provide closed captions, but I upload the stream to Youtube afterwards where subtitles are provided. A transciption of each session can be provided upon reuqest. The homework downloads can be provided in a different font, plain text, or by audio description upon request. Any other questions or requirements? Let me know and I’m happy to work with you to make the course accessible for you!

Which recorder is it for?
Any! Whether you play all sizes, or are just an afficianado of the sub-contrabass.

Do I really have to post videos of myself playing? Help!
It’s not mandatory. The option is there if you choose to. It’ll be a closed, supportive environment where the aim is to build each other up. Listening to others and giving feedback can be just as beneficial as receiving feedback yourself!

Why are you giving the course via Facebook?
For this course I want to be able to bring together different elements: live streams, community, sharing files, posting videos, comments and feedback, making friends. Facebook offers these features in one place - and is free to use. Many people already use Facebook, and are able to keep in contact after the course via the platform. 

Do I need Facebook to complete the course? 
Not necessarily – all session videos, downloads and homework will be emailed out, so you will get 100% of the course content in your inbox. You will miss out on the community aspect and option to post videos for feedback.

I know not everybody wants to join Facebook, so you are welcome to follow the course through the account of a friend of family member, with their permission.

If you decide to create a Facebook account to follow a course, do this in good time - the verification process can take a while.

Will there be sheet music involved?
No, as I want to be inclusive to your different levels and styles of learning. Some of you may be using sheet music and others learning by ear. You may learn at a different pace, or choose to spend more time on something. This course will enable you to tailor the advice given to your own pieces and standard.

I missed the deadline for enrolment. Can I still join later?
No! Enrollment closes on the day the course begins.

When are you running the course again after this?
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Terms and Conditions

If I or my immediate family come down with Covid-19, I reserve the right to postpone lessons for as long as necessary. For Team Recorder’s GDPR Data Privacy Notice click here.